Futuristic Cyberpunk Fashion

Futuristic Cyberpunk Fashion

What is Cyberpunk?

In order to understand how to dress up as a cyberpunk, let’s break down the word itself. Punk is a word that is usually associated with work revolving around patchwork, DIY looking for clothes that feel more recycled. These articles of clothes usually tend to be in darker colors, consisting of a lot of leather fabric material and are garments that are worn to a point that they themselves are worn out! Or have holes cut purposely into them.

 The style ‘punk’ isn’t just a fashion trend that you can buy online easily. When in reality, it is a lifestyle. A feeling, and an identification. You must make it yourself, giving your punk look a personality.  

And what is it that gives this punk look, a cyberpunk look you wonder? It is where raggedy meets futuristic style. A place where technology exists, where artificial intelligence exists, corruption, and illegal drugs exist, and in the midst of it all is cyberpunk. Not everyone can pull off a look like cyberpunk. It holds a heavyweight and comes with responsibility within itself. 

To make sure that you cyberpunk fans are able to rise to these standards, and uphold them. We have provided you with a guide on:

These guides have been made by us after several hours of research and collecting data to make sure you are informed with the best and use of content. To help guide you to the correct, and authentic route of becoming the next cyberpunk in your world. 

There is no philosophy or concept that goes into dressing up as futuristic. As cyberpunk made a jump from being a subgenre to subculture, the definition of it, and what it means to be it has also evolved and changed with the passage of time. 

Everyone is different. What we think cyberpunk to us is, could be different than what another person thinks or could be the same. As the word itself, its fashion and clothing style is subjective from person to person, it becomes harder to concisely make a guide on how to dress cyberpunk. Hence, since the beginning and even now, people have always been arguing, suggesting, or misinterpreting what the punk accompanying fashion comprises of.

There are no specific rules on how to adapt to the cyberpunk fashion and aesthetic. But a few underlying things that are common between all kinds of cyberpunk clothes. Lets read into some of the usual cyberpunk outfits.

How to dress cyberpunk 

The inspiration behind the population of Gen 1 people, is heavily influenced by novels, comics, and books that were published at the beginning of the cyber era. They have a more stern, hard-edged fashion style with a subtle 1980s retro idea. A person who chooses to dress like this style would usually dress in a lot of leather fabrics, leather jackets, pants, or masks. And mostly in the infamous and traditional color; black. Expect Miletich style of clothing articles with spikes, chains, or camouflage military looks. One of their common accessories would include visor and mirrorshades or cowboy boots that can complement their leather canvases.

Generation 2 however, isn’t too visible these days. Their influence comes heavily from movies like The Matrix, and their inspiration for fashion comes from the classic goth cyberpunk media. These include, but not limited to, fetishwear abounds, leather, latex suits, and over the top trench coats. A more complex and unique part of their aesthetic is Cyberdelic, which is based around the communication between computers and altered states. Fractals, shades, and masks the one for you if you are aiming for this kind of look.

On the other hand, generation 3 preaches and is all about techwear. You can learn more about techwear and this style here. But to sum it up, techwear is a kind of clothing wear that is not only made to wear for the purpose of showing off. Or simply covering up, and being fashionable. It serves the purpose of being functional. Clothing items like these could include articles that have a lot of pockets, hidden pockets, belts, storage, zips, heat-insulated, hoodies and so much more!

This generation has a more urbanized vibe and look. As their aim and objective is functionality, transformability, they are the major fans of techwear. Their clothes are rather more loose, their hoodies cover almost all of their faces and features, and the patterns on their fabric are unusual yet dystopian and futuristic. A perfect example of a cyberpunk futuristic look. Another element present in their clothing is the fabric, they tend to lean towards fabrics of metallic style and of mil-spec clothing.

Cyberpunk 2020 

If you are not already aware, cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming role-playing gaming story. The game has not even been released but has created an uproar in the cyberpunk society in anticipation of the game. Based in a dystopian night city, the game has already stolen the hearts of everyone in cyberpunk culture. 

From what people have seen in cyberpunk 2077 gameplays, 2020 movies, and so on, their definition of cyber fashion has evolved. So a few of the inspired clothing styles that you can wear for both males and females can be the following. So style your clothes just like so, get inspired, and become the greatest neon cyberpunk fan!

The Usual Chic

This is a rather subtle cyberpunk fashion style. That you or the average person can wear, on a day to day basis. It is a lowkey way of expressing your love for the subculture, all the while also looking fashionable. This kind of fashion style doesn’t require a lot of funds and is affordable to the regular person, and these clothes are usually made with 100% synthetic materials.


This is a gear style which is a little tougher for the kids. In the game cyberpunk 2077, you must pass a certain skill level to pull this look off. It is made for combat and isn’t stale and boring either! While wanting to dress up for this look, try to imagine a post-combat beat-up look with leather armor you patched up on your own.


These are the craziest, most over the top outfits money can buy! These wild outfits and costumes are eye-catchy, insane designs that the ordinary person wouldn’t wear. Only a cyberpunk protagonist would. It has color shifting fabrics, crazy patterns, zippers, belts, metals trims, and so much more. This style is supposed to make you look like a 90s retro, colorful movie threw up on you!

High Fashion

This style single-handedly the most iconic and the most coveted style in the subculture and inspired by the game. It is extremely expensive, which is why the best of the best of workmanship goes into the making of these costumes. The futuristic and dystopian trends can be quite easily seen in these kinds of clothing articles.

They are made with the most premium quality of fabrics and are highly detailed, every single trim, pattern, design has meaning and purpose. Which is why it is so exclusive, hard to find, difficult to pull off, and is expensive. 

Costume Ideas and Designs

Now once you have selected which category you wish to define yourself under, let’s get onto some of the key ingredients of futuristic outfits and ideas. These fashion designs are comprised of the latest trends in the cyberpunk world. It does matter which category you wish to define yourself by, as the following dress codes are a must-have for every sci-fi fashion lover.


Something that is key and goes into almost every cyberpunk style is leather. They fit into almost every picture. From jackets too, pants, to masks, they all are a staple item in every cyberpunk lover’s wardrobe. These articles of clothes tend to have a more edgy futuristic style that is more attractive to males. It has asymmetrical cuts, slim fits, and muted hardware designs. 

The longer leather jackets are usually made from lambskin and are lightweight, meaning they are thinner and not as tough or durable. However, on the other hand, motorcycle jackets are more the heavier side with a more weighted feel but also have restricted movement. 

These kinds of jackets tend to be marketed as extremely expensive, so try looking for leather jackets for women. They often have more affordable jackets that are also in a wide range of designs. But you do not have to worry about not being able to find your size, design or style of jacket that you like and fits you, or about the affordability. Because we have made it sure that you are provided with nothing but the best and at its cheapest yet highest quality of garments. 


As mentioned before for generation 1, pants are essential. Slim but never skinny! These jeans or pants can be either leather or coated wax jeans. While these jeans are not actual leather but are actually a futuristic mix of paraffin, polyurethane, and acrylics to give it a leather-like feel and appearance. Matched with a shirt or jacket of a sci-fi, dystopian fashion style and you have the perfect killing machine for cyberpunk fashion trends!

The great thing about these pants is that they are inexpensive, and are easy to work with as compared to actual leather jeans. This kind is more breathable and is manageable to dress up in. Whether it’s for a cosplay costume or for a subtle cyberpunk outfit look, this can prove to be perfect for no matter what occasion you are going to.



Although they may seem like just glasses this accessory is something that can elevate your costume or outfit to the next level. Mirrorshades and sunglasses are trendy nowadays which is why they can go with almost every outfit of yours. Dress up for a lowkey event or for a fashionable occasion, these glasses are the perfect accessory to amp your outfits up. Proving that is they are a staple item on which your money is well invested. 

Military and techwear

As mentioned before in the above, the generations love the including of military-inspired clothing in their wardrobes. The military clothes and techwear go almost hand in hand. They both are functional and are simple yet of goth-like features. Giving you the perfect cyberpunk look.

This kind of wear is made with very high quality and high-performance material. Fabric blends and mixes like gore-tex, ballistic nylon, Smartwool and Supermarine cotton are used and composed in the making of these clothes. This is why these articles of clothing also tend to be expensive due to their heavy-duty material. 

But yet again, for all those cyberpunk fashion lovers out there, this is a great thing! As it can prove to be a great investment for them, which they can use throughout the year because of its durability.

Futuristic Fashion trends

In addition to the above-mentioned cyberpunk trends, the sci-fi trends we’re about to tell you now are like no other. Making you truly feel and look at the cyberpunk protagonist from the future.

Futuristic prosthetics 

Now while these are an element that cannot be worn by everyone which is also a blessing. But the ones who unfortunately do have a part of themselves missing, are now being more and more embraced by society and their standards for fashion.

The word futuristic trends are pretty self-explanatory. The concept of cyberpunk is based on the same thing, it talks about the future, presents to you the future of fashion, and so on.

Futuristic style clothing is taking the fashion trends by a storm. With more and more people becoming aware of the trendiest pieces and exploring what dystopian means to them, they are more willing and wanting to get their hands on these outfits too. 


The cool thing about this fashion subculture is that it is not gendered conforming. You can wear it no matter what gender you choose to define yourself as, or not one at all! These clothes are for all male, female, and non-conforming. So we know for a fact that you will easily find what generation and category of fashion taste you belong to with the above mentioned. 

There is always more to explore and discover yourself and within the cyberpunk or dystopian culture. This specific kind of fashion trend has various different sensibilities and meanings, depending on how you wish to look at it. But the main objective here is, to ensure that no matter how you communicate your love for cyberpunk itself. You should know, that we guarantee that you will look effortlessly cool nonetheless.

 Find what excites you, defines you, and let it drive you, motivate you into becoming the next cyberpunk fashion icon. Go above and beyond in leather and metal, dear cyber fans. Now that you have all the guidance and information you need. What are you waiting for? Shop for your next cosplay, or day to day cyberpunk and futuristic inspired clothes from our online clothing line now! 

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