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Cyberpunk 2077, an iconic game of the future as mentioned in the title. Based on a sub genre of science fiction which mainly focuses on the narrative of low life and high tech. A game that has been set in the future era in Night City, California. In the game, V is the protagonist who will be an upcoming Cyberpunk of the city.The anticipation of this game has been skyrocketing from the cyberpunk fandom all around the world. As some photos of Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai jacket spread around the internet, the need for this bomber jacket grew almost viral. As The character V, Samurai wears the same jacket in the game that is to be launched this 2020, real cyberpunk fans have been doing crazy over it as well.

Leather jackets, coats & more!

As we put our customers needs and demands as our first priority, we took the responsibility to provide all you hardcore Cyberpunk fans who have a Cyber fashion sense with the infamous Samurai jacket, and more! The iconic leather jacket is a formation of real leather with an erected collar, ribbed and knitted cuffs, and hemline. Featuring the Samurai skill logo, the classic embroidered patches, and a handful of pockets and zippers, our jackets will fulfill your gamer and cyberpunk loving heart. Just like all of our jackets, this too is made from the finest quality of viscose linings to ensure your comfort. The realism of every inch of this leather jackets attire is the necessity here. The samurai jacket has a bomber jacket style to itself, to match with the game itself. On the front of this attire is the shiny looking and smoothest of all zipper closure. A premium American badge type logo is stitched onto the jacket making it look even more striking. The design pattern all over the front of this jacket is the creative appeal of the samurai cyber 2077 classic.

Premium quality & comfort

Not only do we provide men and women with the iconic jacket that rocketed cyberpunk style, but also with more high quality jackets. Available in different styles, types and sizes, be it a trench coat paired with a classy vest for a more formal look, or a bomber jacket or a simple coat for a more casual vibe; either way we have the perfect variety for you for every and any occasion. As cyberpunk cosplay is becoming more and more of a trend, it was also important to us to make sure our customers found the perfect fit and style for them so they can ace their cosplay. A dystopian black jacket or ones with dramatic hoods, will prove perfect to be the one to match with your outfits for your next cyber cosplay.

As the fashion industry has caught up with the recent most trends of Cyberpunk, it has catapulted Cyber fashion to what it is today.  Whether you are a man or woman, our cyberpunk jackets will fit your body type perfectly. So you do not have to compromise on your style for it!

Be cyber cosplay ready!

Our trench coats, hoodies, bomber jackets, leather jackets, and cyberpunk vests are all made from the top notch material on the market to make certain of your comfort as well as durability of your jacket. So we know that our investment worthy jackets are not your regular jackets you throw away after wearing it thrice. So we have confidence in the fact that these cyberpunk jackets and our notorious cyberpunk 2077 leather jackets aren’t only a fashionable cosplay worthy look, but also are highly function-able and long lasting. Which is why we are sure that upon buying our jackets, you will come back for more to purchase from our cyberpunk clothing store. Because who doesn’t love a good deal, functional, durable, and trendy Cyberpunk coat?

Some of the most important designers in this kind of clothing are ACRONYM, Demobaza, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Rick Owens and Alexander Wang.

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