Cyberpunk Masks

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Cyberpunk masks

The cyberpunk mask is an original statement article which was created and designed by us to you die hard fans. Originally inspired by the video game cyberpunk 2077, these masks are made and sculpted in monster clay with parts added in. A brush on silicone mold was made of the initial clay sculpture, that allowed copies to be cast in rigid or flexible materials. The masks provided in our Cyberpunk clothing store are a semi-rigid urethane resin, that allows the face mask to conform to the wearers head. Colored and coated in a high quality acrylic paint to reserve it and ensure durability.

Using design innovations present in our cyber clothing line, we designed our masks with this in mind and to function primarily as a practical and wearable piece of protection, whether from the elements, surveillance or for style. Unlike most respirator masks available, the ones provided by us as not only functional but also provide you the cosplay cyberpunk vibe you are looking for. It adjusts and conforms to the wearers head all the while providing them the right comfort and ability to breathe through the material.

Functional respirator and gas masks

We also have provided our loyal customers and cyberpunk fans with respirator masks . These punk masks are made with a double canister decorative respirator that combines the best elements of goth and cyberpunk styles. From rubber spikes on the nose piece to chains on the head gear, our respirator gas masks are sure to catch everyone’s attention at whichever event you go to. Because one size doesn’t fit all, our gas masks have an elastic head strap that is adjustable, so it fits nearly everyone! It is comfortable and you can be able to breathe easily while wearing it, which is exactly why this is the one must have accessory to win your next cosplay.

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